Sunday, December 28, 2003

Here's an IDEA

Living in LA, the only domestic vehicles I tend to see on the road come in the form of SUVs. Jeep, Dodge, Ford, Chevy, GMC, to the West Coast, they are merely truck makers. Of course the Asian manufacturers are prominent as well.

But what's interesting is that the SUVs that are sold aren't hardcore, unrealistic, rugged vehicles, rather, they're big, clumsy, heated seat, headlight washer, traction controlled, behemoths.

Whatever happened to the young kids' relatively cheap SUV, that was offroad capable, adventurous, and wasn't a Wrangler? Whatever happened to this guy? It's a Toyota Land Cruiser from the mid-1970s. It's some guy's fan page. A quick entry of Toyota land cruiser pics in google comes up with these pages in Cardomain, not pictures of the fat bloated Land Cruisers they sell now, people don't care about those. What's even more interesting about that link is if you scroll down, you see pictures of the FJ Cruiser, Toyota's best Concept from last year's show circuit. It basically showcased what a modern, rugged, off road land Cruiser would look like.

This is something every manufacturer could get in on, even Jeep. When the Liberty comes up for rebuilding in a few years, instead of making an SUV that isn't "Trail Rated" and caters to women with cute bubbly styling, make something that is like the Land Cruiser of the 70s, essentially a large Wrangler with good safe doors, a real roof, and an A/C standard. People might not take it offroad, but if they think they can...trust me, it'll sell.

Well, I'll be at the LA autoshow on Friday taking pictures that I hope to have up in a week or so. I'll be updating as often as possible, probably every day. There are pictures out of the concepts at LA and Detroit already on the Net, but I'm going to wait until they're officially grouped to give my opinion on them. When I go to the Autoshow, I'm also going to give out awards in every vehicle class to the products I think are the best out there! Bye for now...

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