Wednesday, December 31, 2003

May I recommend...GM/Ford stock?

This article details the disappointing sales figures for the 4th quarter for GM, with things not going to get better sooner. Reports like this drop the stock prices for GM, and pitch them to new lows. Time to buy and hold folks until the new models come out, and they will be coming out over the next few months for GM, as well as Ford. Off the top of my head, by the end of 2004 we'll see the Cobalt, new minivans for Ford and Mercury, Buick, and Saturn, the new Mustang, the new Corvette, the Pontiac G6, Chevy Malibu, Ford 500, Freestar, the list goes on. I plan to have a write up on the new Mustang, quite simply it is amazingly beautiful. From an LA perspective that views the Mustang as sort of a redneckmobile/girly car, this new Mustang is going to sell out. They will literally not be able to keep these on the lots. I'm waiting until official high gloss photos come out to link to, but having seen the stolen photos on the message boards already, Ford has a huge winner. I'm drooling so much over the car, I sound like a Ford employee, but I'm really not. It's that good. The influence of J Mays over exteriors isn't that promising, but over interiors is cause for celebration. If things continue, Ford is going to have interior design on par with the Europeans. I kid you not. See the Lincoln Navigator.

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