Saturday, December 27, 2003

The First Entry

This is the first entry in a blog, that I hope is the first of its kind, a fan's look at the auto industry. Most of the analysis I see about the industry in America, comes out of Detroit, and while that certainly is helpful in understanding the American automakers, it's less helpful when analyzing the Asian, and European automakers. As someone who lives in LA, and knows the Hollywood/freeway mentality that goes on here, it's important that the word gets out on what is cool in the auto industry, and what isn't. LA leads in fads, and what cars we Angelenos drive, are the cars that eventually all of America will drive, and whatever car company doesn't sell well here, there's a good chance they won't sell well in the future.

My blog will cover new releases, the LA auto show (photos coming soon!), and basically anything car related. I try to keep abreast of new models, issues with fossil fuels, and will inject my opinions into what is going on, as often as possible. Your opinions are welcome as well, and I will have a comments feature for you to write into, or if you want a more direct line to me, feel free to email me at ricktodd1@yahoo.com. I write another blog that's a lot more for entertainment value than this one, towards my other great love, sports, so I'd like to think I have some experience with blog writing, but bear with me if I make grammatical errors, or other mistakes. So enjoy the ride, and have fun reading!

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