Thursday, January 01, 2004

Introducing...the Chevrolet Corvette

This is the C6, the sixth generation of the Corvette. I've linked to an Autoweek article, so far the best writeup with pictures of the new sports car.

This blog is partially about talking about new cars, and how I think they're going to effect the auto industry, and the companies that make them. Will this car be a success? Undoubtedly. GM took the conservative approach. The C6 looks basically just like the C5, with just enough styling differences for their to be differentiation. This is nothing like the C4 change from the C3. This is a continuation of the same big rear, 4 rear light styling that started in the 80s. The biggest difference with this new model are Ferrari-style headlights, and more angles. In short, no new buyers, or continued Corvette buyers will be offended.

Perhaps the biggest complaint of the C5 was the Malibu-esque interior. That's gone here. The C6, I wouldn't say has a world class interior, but at least something that doesn't look like it was made with parts from the Chevy Cavalier bin.

GM, and probably Bob Lutz all knew that with a goldmine like the Corvette that averages 30 thousand units in sales a year, you don't mess with success, but make small improvements. This isn't the leap forward of the new Mustang, but it's a small step forward to at least maintain sales, and more than likely bring a few of those Porsche buyers into the fold, who insist on a sports car with a decent interior. Good job GM.

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