Thursday, January 22, 2004

Subaru's next stop...bankruptcy?

You'd think Subaru would have learned the lesson of its owner, GM. They're a company whose cars sell relatively well, except for the occasional mistake like the Baja. They are niche group. But, and this is a big but, they want to expand and appeal to everyone. Autoweek is reporting that they are hiring out of their company execs, and are going to ask them what Americans want out of their cars. Of course, like most Japanese car companies, America is the only marketplace where they can expand. The problem with this thinking is that Subaru would have to change itself, and make itself less "Subaru"-like in order to get these customers. And by doing that you become just another GM, a car company not really capable of pleasing anyone well, but attempting to please everyone. People choose cars because they are unique and fit into their lifestyles. They don't choose cars because that car is trying its damndest to please them. This is a road Subaru shouldn't travel.

I'll have more updates in the next few days...sorry I haven't been more frequent.

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