Friday, February 13, 2004

Chrysler Cop cars?

It would show that the German ownership of Chrysler is capable of making clever decisions if they were able to pull the coup that Ford has been pulling for about a decade now. Allpar.com, one of the best sources for news about the Chrysler Group, thinks that the new Dodge Magnum might just be the replacement for the controversial Crown Vic. The LA Times had an article about the Crown Vic, unfortunately I can't find it on the net, but the gist of it was that the Crown Vic, by being built on an ancient Panther platform from the 70s, allowed Ford to make upwards of 7000 dollars on every sale. That's unheard of in the auto industry.

Of course, most people have heard how the Crown Vic is viewed as unsafe car due to it's alleged proliclivity to bursting into flames when struck in the rear at high speeds. I'm against automakers being sued for not making vehicles that are up to insanely high standards, but at the same time I realize that police make use of their cars differently than most. It is not uncommon for a cop car to be stopped on the side of a highway, and because of that, it is not uncommon for cop cars to get hit. The fact that policemen don't get to choose their cars, but rather are given vehicles, means Ford needs to take an extra step in their safety. Cop cars aren't like sports cars; those owners know they're buying something dangerous. The Crown Vic is supposed to be like a tank. Maybe it's time the Magnum stepped in, and took some business.

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