Sunday, March 21, 2004

Recalls, Recalls

GM announced this week, a massive recall. Recalls are an embarrassment to be sure, but they are necessary, and forced by the federal government. Because of this, the government should do its best to tell the public what kind of recall they are giving. They should differentiate between a recall that could cause a fatality, and one that could not. This tailgate issue for GM trucks is not something that could cause a fatality, and that should be emphasized.

The Big 3 seem to do more recalls than the Japanese, partially because they don't make as well built cars, but mostly because they simply have more cars out on the road. Recalls this big are almost always done to cars that are a few years old. A few years ago, the marketshare of the domestics was even bigger than it was now. The press is the first to jump on this as evidence of Detroit's failure; it might actually be a tribute to their success. If Toyota and Honda take over most of the market, large recalls will start to be their bread and butter. Anyone remember the engine sludge controversy Toyota had a few years ago?

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