Tuesday, November 09, 2004

An Answer to a Previously Postulated Question

And more. I looked up the Mercury Montego on the Internet, and in fact the taillights do look like an improvement over the Ford 500's, with brighter LED bulbs. At least that's what they looked like, living in Los Angeles means nary a Mercury on the road.

From merely a product standpoint, it seems strange that Mercury has so many while Lincoln has so few. I remember a year ago when Mercury was having to deal with little or no new products except the Marauder, which was a total bomb. Everyone felt this was the end of Mercury. Now they are saying the same thing about Lincoln. Lincoln has only four products in its lineup, Mercury has six. If Lincoln can add a car or two to the lineup to replace the ancient Town Car, or at least update it and the LS, they could be in business. The Navigator is far superior aesthetically to the Escalade, and for a time was the best interior in an American vehicle.

And to continue with the Ford theme, I saw a Mustang today. The 2005 Mustang. It was cherry red with gold lettering stickers on the door sills that said Mustang. It looked incredible. If I didn't think that the world was running out of gas it would be my next car. Period. It was a GT as well. Absolutely amazing vehicle. It will save Ford.

I'm keeping up with my theme of near daily updates, so many of these will be random thoughts on cars and the auto industry. See you soon.

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