Thursday, November 18, 2004

European Cars Unreliable

My family, specifically my parents have had European cars for as long as I can remember, and a good mix of Japanese and GM cars. By far the worst reliability came from the European cars.

Consumer Reports agrees. They feel that European cars are the least reliable across the board, and for American buyers that basically means German and British.

What interested me in the above article, which by the way is an article analyzing the Consumer Reports conclusion rather than the Consumer Reports survey itself, was the quote from an analyst. He felt that since German cars were filled with all kinds of gizmos, it was likely that one of them would break down.

Whatever happened to the European car that drove well, looked good, and basically just had a really nice interior with leather seats, and no gizmos? It is gone? Here's an idea for ailing Jaguar, instead of making a 3-Series clone with the X-type, that is by all accounts wildly inferior, make a 30-40 thousand dollar roadster, with no DVD navigation, just a six speed transmission, a V6 engine, and leather seats. And make it look good. They had a prototype of this vehicle a few years back when Jacque Nasser was head of Ford, and with his firing the vehicle disappeared. Boy would it save the company.

More on Mini Cars later.

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