Friday, November 26, 2004

GM DOES have a Hybrid!

Why haven't I seen more about this vehicle? The Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid is as far as I can tell, the first pickup of its size to have a hybrid. Under 13 miles per hour it rides on the electric battery only, and it's fuel economy is 10 percent better than a comparable ICU only Silverado. That's a little disappointing, and when I visited the government's fuel economy website and did a comparison, that 10 percent seemed to only equal one mile per gallon improvement in the city. Granted, a large vehicle like this one, one mile per gallon is a lot of gas saved, but I would hope that there is something better on the horizon. This isn't a full hybrid evidentally, but a partial one.

Now if GM could deliver hybrid technology to its smaller pickup, or perhaps ADVERTISE the fact that they have a hybrid on the Silverado things would be better. A perusal of Ford's website finds the Hybrid Escape to be classified as a SEPARATE vehicle from the regular Escape.

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