Monday, November 22, 2004

Mini Car Thoughts

As promised, here is a rant about mini cars.

I really wonder about their feasibility in some parts of the US. People live and die by their pickups, and to some extent SUVs. Will Americans flock to these cars? They will in places like NYC and San Francisco, where parking a tiny car is easier than parking, say, a Crown Vic. And they are somewhat effeminate, and those types of cars sell better in urban areas, and let's face it, blue states.

Right now the national average for gasoline is two dollars per gallon, or thereabouts. It's 2.35 a gallon in California. It's got to go up to four dollars a gallon for these guys to sell.

One benefit of the American car market is that, if there is a "must have" vehicle, people will trade in their leased car, for a leased copy of that vehicle. If gas prices spike, or jump up, people will drop SUVs like a hot potato.

These mini cars also must not insult their buyers. People don't want a Cavalier interior, with lots of engine and wind noise. If they are forced into small vehicles, they'll want climate control, leather seats, DVD, etc. Europeans might be the ones to do that. Certainly not Americans.

Well, there's my rant. Not too long, it's been a few days, and my excitement to talk about mini cars has faded. Won't happen again.

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