Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Preliminary List of Debuts at the LA Autoshow

Autoblog has a list, at least an initial glance, at some of the debuts at the LA Autoshow. I will of course be there. The LA Autoshow has decided to move from January to November, which will probably make it twice as important as it is now. Unfortunately, the move comes too late to affect 2005's show, which will happen in January. So the debut list won't be that great. But here's my opinion on some of the vehicles being shown:

Pontiac Torrent--Not interested. Gussied up version of a bland Chevrolet SUV, to "fill out" Pontiac's lineup and basically replace the Aztek. Uncool.

Chevrolet HHR--This is Chevrolet's take on the PT Cruiser. Just because they're copying them doesn't mean they can't do better; witness the Camaro of the 1960s, verses the Mustang. Somewhat interested.

2005 Volkswagen Jetta--The all new redesigned Jetta. I've seen some photos, and it looks good. I'll be interested to see how the interior looks, if I'll be allowed close enough. Hopefully more masculine than the current Jetta. Somewhat interested.

Audi A3--Somewhat interested. Affordable, and hopefully not girly.

Porsche Boxster--Also redesigned. They've basically shown us all of it already, but not shown us it in person. The interior is an improvement over the previous Boxster, but the exterior looks identical. I know, I know, Porsche's aren't supposed to be dramatically different, but Joe Schmo won't know that. Make some more exterior changes that are daring. I expect sales to not be as exciting as predicted.

Spyker, and Venturi--Heard of Spyker, a Dutch rich man's toy, not very interesting. Venturi is a new one, but an electric sports car. Now that sounds interesting...

See you at the show.

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