Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Remember Me?

Remember me? I sure do. Even though MG was basically out of this country by my birth, the idea of an affordable European sports car has always intrigued me. During my lifetime, the past 25 years, I've watched European cars become quirky vehicles for eccentrics, to luxury laden extremely expensive vehicles. Anyone who's compared a BMW 2002, with a BMW M5 will see what I mean. The same is basically true of Volvo, Audi, and to some extent Maserati and Ferarri (remember the Dino?). I'm not saying this is a bad thing, certainly the European manufacturers have secured the top market share quite well, but they are starting to realize that middle class vehicles are cool too. Witness the Mini, and the upcoming Smart car, and 1 series.

Which brings me to MG. MG is now MG Rover, makers of the famous MG brand, and the not so famous Rover brand here in the US. I see this company sort of as a British Ford, or Chrysler. British middle class cars. Unfortunately they've been dying these last few years, bought by BMW, and now independent and about to cooperate with a Chinese manufacturer. According to Autoweek, MG and Rover might return to the US. Now that would be cool, barring the US dollar sinking even lower in relation to the pound. I think with the upcoming fuel crises people are going to flock to affordable sports cars, rather than gas guzzlers like the Corvette and Z4, so MG could stand to do well, with their MG TF. A Rover 75 over here wouldn't be too shabby either.

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