Monday, November 15, 2004

Yes, it's a problem, but...

The latest development in the car safety world is the issue of whiplash. Cars according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for the most part offer little to no protection for the neck when the car is hit in the rear.

The Volvo S40 is mentioned as a good car for preventing whiplash. It certainly may be, I've been in one. Volvo's idea to prevent whiplash is to make enormouse padded headrests. Now these may prevent whiplash, and the Insurance Institute is obviously advocating them for all cars, but they also block vision. Because they are large, it is harder to see out the back when you are driving in reverse. Which do you do more of, driving in reverse, or getting hit in the rear? Hopefully the former. I hope large headrests aren't the only solution to whiplash prevention, perhaps there is an alternative. Maybe pop up head rests that come up from the seat in a crash? They have anti-roll bars like that for convertibles. Just a thought.

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