Monday, December 06, 2004

Cop Cars

I'm pretty sure it's the case all over America, but it certainly is the case in California: All cops drive Crown Victorias. I don't know if one model of vehicle has ever so dominated police forces around America.

That may change. There is a new RWD v8, cheap car, and that is the Dodge Magnum. Allpar.com, the definitive fan and news website for the Chrysler Group has a little tidbit on police testing of the Crown Vic and Magnum. As old as the Crown Victoria is it still handles slightly better than the brand new Magnum. Of course the Magnum is a station wagon, but still. The Crown Vic is based on a platform at least 20 years old!

My prediction--there's no way cops want to be caught dead driving station wagons. Expect the Crown Vic to continue dominating. At least until gas prices catch up with police stations' budgets.

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