Friday, December 03, 2004

GPS in your Car

The Car Pundit writes of GPS systems put into cars, and the potential risk that entails. If the government knew where you were driving at any time of the day, a great aspect of modern human freedom would be destroyed. Though the Car Pundit and I are quite different politically, I think most sensible people can see that GPS is not a good thing. And it's not a good thing for car companies either, especially ones that sell sports cars. If the government knows when you're speeding, you're done for. How many sports car drivers take their cars to the track regularly?

Basically I think a little bit of illegality in life, goes a long way to mental health. We all like to think that we can break laws occasionally that don't hurt anyone, like going 10 miles per hour faster than the posted limit, not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, etc.

Believe it or not, many companies require their workers to have GPS in their cars. Companies that have workers who visit homes and do repairs, like plumbers and HVAC workers, many times have GPS on trucks to track employees and make sure they're not messing around. Arguably they have the right to do that, since the employee is driving company property, on company time, but do we all as citizens "work" for the government?

I don't think America, or any country for that matter, is "free". But it's the veneer of freedom that counts, and prevents anger and unhappiness. And basically the freedom to drive anywhere we want, for as long as we want, is part of that. Car companies definitely agree; when was the last time you saw a car commercial that didn't have the vehicle speeding?

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