Sunday, December 19, 2004

If it Looks Nice, People Will Buy It

Add another article to the "duh" pile. The Big 3 need to start making better looking cars to sell. Of course.

I was talking to a friend last night, who had recently bought a Honda Accord coupe. I asked him why he bought it. It was slightly more expensive than rivals and had less features. Because it wasn't bad looking, and he knew he'd get great reliability. The Big 3 will never be able to win on the latter, so why not go for the former? Make a great looking car and it will sell. Chrysler and Mercedes are not known for reliability in the slightest. Yet customers are willing to take a chance, drop their Japanese nameplate and buy a 300c. Why? Because it looks nice.

GM could stop spending money upgrading reliability, stop incentives, stop stuffing options at a cut rate into cars, if they just made the cars good looking. The new Malibu, the Impala, the Monte Carlo, the Bonneville, etc. all these cars look terrible. The interiors on most of the lineup are old and dated.

It is beating a dead horse, but it's oh so simple. Why can't they do it?

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