Thursday, December 02, 2004

Market Share Woes

It's a monthly occurrence, and it's been going on for at least thirty years: the article detailing the Big 3's market share slide.

One thing that seems to unnoticed in the article is the slide in market share of a Japanese brand. That brand is Honda. Why the slide? Quite simply they didn't come out with any new products in 2004. They just kept on going with the momentum of the new Accord, and the nearly over in product cycle Civic. Acura is too small of a brand to make much headway, and Honda has a negligible truck lineup, unlike Nissan and Toyota.

The lesson here is, not only do you need products that people like, you need to have them come out year in and year out. Ford and GM, are notorious for letting product lines linger, as reminders of last decade's aesthetics. Honda messed up a tad too, by not having some big product come out for 2004.

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