Thursday, December 09, 2004

Witness to a Prototype

You may have seen the following: A car with black cladding over the front and back ends, perhaps a zebra pattern on the doors, the entire car looking like something not yet completed. Perhaps you've only seen them in pictures on the Internet, with conjecture of what future model they might be, if you're lucky, you've seen them in person.

I saw one today. It was the second one I've seen so far in my life, both times I was in Downtown LA. This car had Michigan manufacturer's plates, and was a sedan. It was driven by a woman, with a man in the back seat behind her. I followed the car onto the freeway, until it went off to the 10 exit, and I continued onto the 110.

The car had a rod in the cabin that seemed to be holding up the roof. It had twin exhausts, and a wire ran from the center of the left back wheel into the back of the car. Another wire was connected to a hollow pod on the roof. Weird.

So what car was it? I have no idea. If I had a digital camera, I would have snapped a photo. I think it may have been a performance version of an upcoming sedan, from one of the Big 3. I don't believe the Japanese manufacturers have prototypes with Michigan manufacturer's plates, but I may be wrong. Is Michigan the only state that will give those types of plates? The man in the back seat of the car was asian, and I'd rather not become the ethnicologist and conjecture that he was Japanese. I'm still inclined to think it was a domestic manufacturer.

I think that it was a car made specifically for the American market. It was a big four door sedan. I think it may have been a Ford Fusion, since it wasn't as tall as the 500. It may have been the AWD version of the 500, but that seems less likely. It also may have been the replacement to the Dodge Stratus. Who knows? The guessing though is a little fun...

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