Thursday, April 08, 2004

Ford and Platform Sharing

Here is an article about the new Lincoln Zephyr, and platform sharing to be had from the Mazda 6 platform. I've screamed in past writings about buying other car companies, and Mazda hasn't been the blockbuster success Ford thought it would be. But if you own something, you might as well use it, and taking the incredible Mazda 6 and making it be the underpinnings to 10 future vehicles is a step in the right direction.

They don't list the ten, but they give hints to four: the Mazda 6 itself, a Ford sedan to replace the Taurus, a Mercury sedan, and the Lincoln Zephyr. Besides invoking a cool name from its past, the Zephyr looks amazing. Hopefully the real thing won't be so different from the concept. I've ridden in a Mazda 6, and it felt great inside, and looked great too. The Zephyr is using a winner as a platform basis.

Ford will be one to watch in the next few years, but they can blow it all if they don't reinvest in their products and update them regularly. For the time being though, expect good things from FoMoCo.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Rover 45

I'm on a European kick right now. My favorite company that doesn't sell cars in the US, MG-Rover, has come up with a new Rover 45. The Rover 45, is sort of like a Volvo S40, even perhaps a little cheaper. The 45 was in dire need of a redo. MG-Rover was briefly owned by BMW in the 1990s, but is now independent. In fact it is the last independent British mass manufacturer. It's been a little dream of mine to import the MG or the Rover 75 to the US, I think there is still a market for them. But with import restrictions as strict as they are, it will probably continue to be a dream.

Big update tomorrow...

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