Thursday, May 20, 2004

They're coming. Nicer, better built cars, in the smaller size ranges. No longer will small cars be viewed as the cheapest vehicles offered by a car company. Rather, they are a class on their own, and appeal to people who don't want to spend more on fuel. And if car companies don't conform, like the Big 3, they will suffer.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The Miracle of Plastic

Ford has stumbled onto something very important in the creation of car interiors. It's not what they're made out of, rather it's what they look like. Autoweek interviews a Ford exec on the new methods Ford is using in creating glamorous interiors on the cheap, by making and molding plastics look like things they aren't. The example they use is of the new Ford Mustang. In my opinion the 2005 Ford Mustang is just an amazing car, and its interior is comparable to something from Europe.

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Monday, May 17, 2004

Honda: Preparing for the future

Honda is preparing to do something quite clever. They're downsizing. In the midst of higher gas prices, they are going to sell a smaller car than the Civic in the US, the Honda "Fit", or some variant of it. They're also going to sell an SUV smaller than the MDX for Acura.

It just makes sense. Big trucks aren't doing well, and they're going to continue to falter. The technology just isn't there to make them more fuel efficient yet. But if smaller vehicles are available with near the same luxury, people will go into them instead of a competitor.

It's been mentioned on several of the other auto blogs, but it's so important I'm going to mention it here. Companies that don't "downsize" their vehicles, are going to suffer. A great example of this is Chrysler and GM. Chrysler has been advertising non-stop their new Hemis, and GM their somewhat new Hummer H2. Totally the wrong vehicle, at the wrong time. Right now what the public wants, nay, needs, are good small cars. The SUV craze is over, due in no small part to the ever increasing price of oil.

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