Sunday, July 18, 2004

Toyota becomes GM...sort of 
Toyota has decided to do away with the Celica, and the MR2.  It's a good idea, as I was just about to rip on them for building the Scion Xc, a small coupe, and still have the Celica, yet another small coupe, on sale.  But Toyota would never make the same mistake an American manufacturer would, by having two of the same vehicle on sale, hoping for double the profits.  Rather, they would sensibly recognize that only one vehicle should fit into one space, and refuse to compete with themselves.  Smart move.  It's also a move that is making Toyota look more and more like GM or Ford, with a cheaper, youthful division, and a more expensive, older person division.  It's an idea that certainly works, but can be dangerous, the more those divisions become entrenched.  Toyota only has three to GM's six or so, but if Toyota goes ahead and does something foolish like making a Toyota trucks division, and then doubling it, ala GMC and Chevy, expect trouble around the corner.

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