Monday, December 13, 2004

Downsize the Supersize

The gigantic Ford Excursion and junior luxury SUV Aviator are history according to this article. It's a reasonable response from Ford, considering that the price of oil is dramatically higher than it was 5 years ago, at the height of the SUV craze. The Aviator is also being replaced by a car based SUV. That's a great idea, especially if it means a better selling SUV and better gas mileage. Ford knows what's up.

They're also shoring up the low end of the American market with an eventual new entry. So basically, the second biggest manufacturer in the world is deleting their biggest vehicles, and making even smaller vehicles. Could it be that they know about Peak Oil? Maybe. Or at least they're aware that the potential exists for an oil crisis, or at least that future trends are towards heightened fuel prices.

I wonder if GM is aware. Nah.

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