Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Great News if True

According to this article, which unfortunately requires registration to read, GM is considering bringing over the Holden Ute as the El Camino, and the Holden Statesman as a high end Buick. Both are RWD, and can seat five. This is great news for GM. People are really going to cry for an El Camino, even though things like the Subaru Baja, and now the Honda RDX are around. I'm convinced the latter is going to fail like the Subaru, basically because I think Honda buyers hate pickups, and are more the urban type. Honda should have instead tried to emulate the Ford Ranger, but make it a much nicer vehicle. They probably were forced to make due with their SUV platform, which forced them to make this average bed pickup. The reason the El Camino will do well here, is that it will have a full length bed, it will seat five, and it will have heritage to draw from. It will fail if it is released as high end vehicle like the GTO or SSR, and if it uses a dated look, like the GTO, and if it has poor gas mileage. But basically I think it will do well.

I promise to finish my LA Autoshow stories, and thoughts on the Detroit show, but I'm having a real hectic week, and might not be able to type until the weekend. Sorry!

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