Thursday, January 27, 2005


David Wassmann wrote a response to one of my entries below, and left a link to his blog and a company he runs. He's basically the first CEO who's ever written to me; most of my letters are from consumers asking for advice on models. So I'm going to brown nose.

But what's interesting about his site, Motor Alley, is that it takes away the nervousness of the car purchase. I've bought a new car before from a dealer, and been witness to purchases a few other times, and the cheaper the car, the more high pressure the salesperson. A luxury car has sales people who are the kindest you'll ever meet. Japanese dealerships will attack you.

So it's hard to buy a car, without being psychologically preyed upon, and if you liked the car in the slightest, you'll probably end up buying it that day once you appear at the dealership, barring your credit approval of course.

MotorAlley brings the dealers to you, reviews the cars, reviews the dealers, and makes them fight each other. Now if they can just make test driving a car, a no pressure event, then everything would be complete.

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