Tuesday, January 18, 2005

This Will Save Mitsubishi

I'm not one to do car reviews, and this car isn't even ready to drive. But since I haven't really written any analysis on the NAIAS show, I guess I can start here. By now most are aware of Mitsubishi's troubles, and it is widely rumored that the company will be gone from America within a few months. Hopefully that won't happen until this car sees the light of day. I find it to be just stunning. Mitsubishi is known as the least reliable Japanese manufacturer, but when your back is to the wall, looks are everything. The similarities between this car and the original concept are enormous. There was very little compromising. I think it just might save their bottom line. Now if they just redid the Galant and Outlander, I think they'd be fine. Why is the Eclipse always by far the best looking car in Mitsubishi's lineup?

By the way, I just learned today how to put up pictures. Pathetic, I know.

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