Sunday, January 16, 2005

VW and Diesels

This article from Autoweek has some information about VW and their future with diesels. VW, and perhaps Daimler/Chrysler, seem to be the only manufacturers who have bet that diesel as opposed to hybrids, are the wave of the future. There's no mention of Peak Oil, but there is a quote from a woman who is an auto analyst, who states that only if sustained prices of three dollars per gallon will people buy diesels. Guess what, they're coming. Why are all the major automakers, with the exception of GM, making such huge investments in fuel saving technology? Do they know something we don't? Let's pretend that the supply of oil on the earth was limitless, why would they have any incentive to create a car that saves money on gas, but not to such a great extent that the money saved will make up for the difference in cost in buying said hybrid vehicle? Because the automakers know, at least if they aren't totally clueless, that oil is running out, or at the very least fuel shortages and/or price rises are on the horizon. Remember, Toyota, and probably all the other manufacturers lose money on hybrids. They build them, because they know, soon they will be a common occurrence.

If you want to know Bob Lutz's opinion on hybrids, read here. He thinks they're an advertising ploy by Toyota. Sigh. In fact they're the new standard for fuel efficiency. If you have money to spare, buy Toyota stock. Thanks.

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