Thursday, January 27, 2005

What do these have in Common?


and this:

They're both v8, rwd, premium priced vehicles, with names from the past. And they're both failures.

Heritage is something the Big 3 should be proud to have. It's something the Japanese for the most part will never have. You won't be seeing retro Accords in the year 2050.

Retro is something you should never avoid. Some might argue, like Bob Lutz has about the current GTO, that it didn't want to be just a redoing of an old design. But quite frankly that's what some European marques have been doing since their creation. BMW, with the dual kidney grills, Jaguar with the virtually identical XJ series, its S-type which looks like a Mark IV. Ok Jag's not a good example, but BMW sure is, in terms of financial success. Ford has learned its lesson by building a super retro Mustang that will be super profitable. I figure the upcoming Chevrolet HHR will do somewhat well, but hopefully the next generation GTO, or Camaro will really be retro.

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