Sunday, February 27, 2005

Grading Honda

Pros: Great lineup, every car and SUV they make is at the top of its class. Fantastic reputation for reliability, lock on the youth market. Strong leader in hybrids.

Cons: Didn't market hybrids correctly, Insight, and Civic sales not the greatest. The youth market is slipping, and a new Civic is needed. Styling can be a little bland at times.

Grade: B. I think of 2004 as an off year for Honda. They didn't really have any new releases. They're the first company to offer a mid-size sedan with a hybrid, which makes me wonder if Ford and Toyota made an agreement to make hybrids for certain classes, or not. The Civic, the S2000, these vehicles need to be updated. Scion is gaining market that the Civic once ruled over. That's not good. They have a lot of talent, so I'm not too worried. But it goes to show that even media darlings can make mistakes.

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