Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Remember Me?

Alfa Romeo has turned their stunning Brera concept into a production model. Of course, as an American I'll be lucky to see one in the flesh ever.

A perusal of Alfa Romeo's website shows me a few cars that could more than compete in the American market, at least in limited numbers. If only GM wasn't suing Alfa's parent company FIAT.

Instead of spending millions of dollars developing the Saab 9-2x, why not spend a small percentage of that emission certifying, and crash testing some of Alfa's models? Sell them out of Saab dealerships, the demographic buyer is the same. If worried about Saab's marketshare dwindling because the same buyer class is buying another vehicle, sell things Saab doesn't sell. Like this:

The Alfa Romeo 147, a perfect replacement for the odd 9-2X. Or the Brera coupe above. Or this GTV, considering Saab doesn't sell a coupe:

The interiors quite frankly are stunning. I leave you with the GT's interior:

They come with a nice range of engines, including a v6, which Saab lacks. Only FWD though.

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