Thursday, February 10, 2005

Yes, but will it run?

Malcolm Bricklin, the man best known for creating the Bricklin sports car, really the first modern entrepreneurial attempt to make an alternative in America to the Big 3, before Delorean, and also the man who first introduced Subaru to the US, is trying to make a name for himself again. This time the cars come from China according to an article by the Detroit News. Prices start around seven grand.

Can it succeed? Probably the most famous thing Bricklin has ever done, I neglected to mention in the above paragraph, and probably the most pertinent, was his attempt to sell Yugos, the state created Yugoslavian car, in the US. Will these cars be any different? They look decent, have solid engines, but the real fear will be reliability.

Hyundai was almost undone by their poor reliability, but they rebounded by offering a 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty on all their cars. I don't know if Hyundais improved dramatically, but by giving this warranty, they assured customers that if there were any MAJOR problems, they'd be fixed for free. I think Bricklin had better do the same. At least from a PR point of view. It would be a strong send off.

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