Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Who Will Eventually Die?

Just for kicks I decided to list all the marques that will be dead, or at least announced to die (since with civil litigation and court settlements it will take years to kill a brand), in the next five years.

Mercury--Fords with chrome basically.
Lincoln--Ford already has a huge luxury stable.
Pontiac--Not fooling anyone.
Smart--You can get the same mileage with more power and room in a diesel or hybrid.
SAAB--Just not European enough.
Isuzu--They'll keep their commercial division, but with increasing gas prices they'll be gone, probably before the year is out.
GMC--Eventually gas prices will destroy this marque.

I think I got them all, can anyone think of any others? Obviously some of these will still be around, but I really think most of these will be completely gone in five years at most.

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