Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Doing SUVs Right: The Hummer H3

The Detroit News has an article about the new Hummer H3 and wonders whether or not the 220 HP I-5 engine will be enough for consumers. My argument in support of the SUV is that here is a great looking vehicle, with a stellar interior getting 20 MPG.

This vehicle will be one to watch. It's an SUV that gets decent mileage, but as the article above warns, is very closely linked to gluttony and excess. It's strengths include one of the better interiors to come out of GM in years. It's drawbacks include being part of a changing fad. I've theorized that while the SUV craze is dwindling, it may be somewhat sustainable if automakers are willing to create smaller versions of their larger models. If this SUV sells well, that theory will be correct. If it doesn't, I think we can safely say that the age of the SUV is over, and brace ourselves for the transition all automakers will make away from the SUV and to the car.

Why would anyone pay the premium for the Hummer name when you can the same truck from Chevy or GMC ?
Possibly because the interior and exterior are of a higher quality I would argue. But you do have a point.
By the numbers:
4,700 pounds: The weight of an H-3
16: Estimated city mileage per gallon
$75,000-$125,000: Household income of likely buyers
169: The number of Hummer dealerships nationwide including Hummer limo companies
20: The miles per gallon projected EPA fuel economy ratings for the H3
23: Gallon capacity for the H3 fuel tank
300: Projected number of H3s to be built daily at GM in Shreveport
7: Number of colors available in H3 -- Grenade Green, Black, Yellow, Stealth Gray, White, Silver Birch and Victory Red.
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