Tuesday, June 14, 2005

GM Might Just Be Getting It

The Car Connection has an article with several quotes from Bob Lutz and others at GM that tell us they believe product shall be the new king. One quote caught my eye:

"We see a huge opportunity here for us to capture the essence of the American automobile in its glory days. The Japanese can't follow us there any more than they could follow Harley-Davidson. We believe there is a lot of gold in those hills and we intend to mine it," said Lutz.

They got it. I mentioned the Harley example previously in my blog here. (My ego believes he read my post.) The one key thing that the American auto industry has over other foreign auto industries is heritage, and looks. Right now most of the American car lineup lampoons the Japanese. The 300c and the Mustang (mentioned in the article) show that the future for the American auto industry is a sort of retro look, with aesthetics at the center of things. I look forward to what GM has in store. Maybe a new Camaro!

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