Monday, June 20, 2005

Jaguar's Realignment

I've neglected to add my two cents to the Premiere Automotive Group's decision to realign Jaguar as a niche player. (subscription) I think it's a great move. If they can parlay that status into making competitors for Porsche, or just making sedans that are really daring and don't try to clone BMWs, they'll do fine. At the end of the day it really is more about profit than production. With Aston Martin taking over the top, Jaguar will have a small line up that cannot encroach on either Volvo or Aston. Jaguar has to offer the "other side" when competing in this new price bracket, which I would imagine is upwards of 40 thousand dollars to a little below 90 thousand. Volvo is the brand to take on BMW. This new strategy should offer more gentlemanly versions of cars. There shouldn't be a small roadster that is basically an English version of a Boxster, but rather a boulevardier XK type of vehicle. Aston has done much the same thing against Ferrari. It's a smaller market in this area, but there is room for differences. Ford is moving these companies in the right direction.

True story. The bread-and-butter of Jag has always been the big saloon cars. Four doos, acres of leather, miles of hood, and metric tons of performance. The $50-90K price tag sounds about right.
But they better star carving that niche soon.
One thing is evident-without FORD in the mix, Jaguar had NO interest in making their cars reliable and roadworthy (See Lucas wiring for example)

Go Jaguar and Go Ford!

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