Thursday, June 09, 2005

Unleash the Daewoo

A brief little article from Autoweek details how GM is doing extremely well with its purchase of Daewoo, as opposed to its purchase of FIAT which was disastrous. Daewoo has given Chevrolet new platforms and abilities to make cheap reliable transportation. A GM official is even quoted as saying GM now has their own Hyundai.

Well then let's see it. So far GM has given us the Aveo, which is a competent small car, but it has saved the Daewoo lineup for other markets. The cheap small car market is dominated by the other Korean conglomerate, Hyundai and Kia. A mid-sized sedan that is larger than the Aveo, but smaller than the Malibu or Impala that is very inexpensive could be a big seller. Or perhaps a complete replacement of the lower half of the Chevrolet lineup with the Daewoo lineup might be in order.

Hey, what about all the Daewoos being sold by GM's "Alliance Partner," Suzuki? They are sold in Canada as Chevy's. So the General is selling nearly the whole Daewoo lineup here in one form or another. AMERICAN REVOLUTION, MY A$$
Disagree, Cobalt is a pretty good car, and Malibu is not bad either. What they are missing is a world class minivan, and Daewoo doesn't make one either, as far as I know.
One would think the Daewoo models might sell better with a Chevrolet badge than Suzuki. Right? Not much name recognition with Suzuki...or have GM nameplates become so tarnished that a small Japanese carmaker's name is preferable.

To auto prophet's comment on the Cobalt, I've had the chance to drive one. GM finally got it right. They built a small car that is competitive. Now build a mid size that good!
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