Friday, July 01, 2005

Ethanol is Already Here

Like I said in a post just a few days ago, ethanol is already here. And it's cheaper than gasoline. A regular reader, Rob, points out that there are studies that show that ethanol takes in more energy to make it (gasoline), than it puts out. Nowhere in the Detroit News article that I link to does it say whether this is so. The ethanol "flex fuel" that is currently on sale all over the Midwest is 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. It is also somewhat cheaper than regular gasoline. If it is cheaper, doesn't that mean that this flex fuel doesn't have a power input/output issue? Possibly, but the farming conglomerates might be artifically keeping the price low to induce Americans to become dependent on their fuel. I haven't seen a study to show whether ethanol that is transported by trucks running on ethanol and harvested by tractors running on ethanol, whether that would make ethanol usage as efficient or more efficient than gasoline. But with more and more car companies altering cars and trucks to run on ethanol, it should be looked into. I really won't be surprised if in a few years or so with the urging of farming lobbyists that the government demands that most or all vehicles in America be ethanol capable. The fuel of the future is already here.

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