Friday, July 29, 2005


Anyone have any requests for me while I'm in Britain? I'm going to be photographing strange cars once I move to my new abode out of the hostel. I've found that real photos instead of doctored studio ones give a person a really good idea about what t expect out of a vehicle. I'm really impressed by the way Peugeots look, as well as Alfa Romeos, though I haven't seen too many of the latter. The Euro Focus is just beautiful, and Ford should seriously think about importing it to the US, or maybe just change its face, call it a Mercury and have it compete against the Jetta. It is really nice. The Ford Fiesta and Ka are too dingy for me.

I highly recommend NOT living in a hostel for a long period of time in a foreign country, unless your idea of travelling is hanging out only with other Americans and watching reruns of Friends all day long. Which is what a good percentage of people in my hostel seem to really enjoy. Kind of frightening actually.

If you can, take a ride in a Smart car. I know they have them in Paris so I bet they're in England too (for the record, I know I just compared a city to a country[g]).

And, of course, pics of the Smart car!

cheers mate,

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