Saturday, July 30, 2005

Travel Warning for Americans Abroad

Do not say you like George Bush. I repeat, do not say you like George Bush. He is universally hated abroad, and some believe he might be the anti-christ. I despise him so I fit in well here.

I have moved into my new flat, and am free from the pestilence of hostels. I've met a lot of foreigners in London, in fact most of the people I have met and had conversations with have not been British but in fact have been from around the Commonwealth and America. I hope to remedy that eventually, but for now it's interesting to meet every different major accent of English.

Here is a rough guide to national character. Stereotypes abound, so do not read further if you are easily offended:

Australians--Super kind and nice people. Attractive in general, their women are gorgeous. As nice as Southerners.

British--Cold and somewhat distant, though loosen up when drinking. Occasionally rude, but never overtly so like New Yorkers. Women are either stunning, or wholly unattractive. Very little in between.

South Africans--Very kind and nice. Might hold a different view of Apartheid then most peoples of the world including black South Africans. But still very nice people. Average attractiveness.

Kiwis--Cold and distant, somewhat haughty. Think they are all intellectuals. Have enormous inferiority complex to British. Sole donation to English culture limited to the Lord of the Rings films.

Those are all that I've met in large amounts so far. I will photograph the street I live on eventually. I'm sorry this isn't auto related, but since this is a blog I might as well have an occasional personal entry. On a side note, I knew there was a catch to my finding an apartment so cheap. The street that I live on has a mosque on it. Armed policeman stand in front of it 24 hours a day watching it. I expect them to stay there for a long time. I live in the Muslim area of London and there is heavy police presence. Gulp.

Might I suggest that unless you're just looking for a heated reaction, that you refrain from your moronic generalizations of the nationalities of people that you meet.

Either you're just young or stupid or both. Sheesh.
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