Monday, July 18, 2005

Uh-oh...maybe Ethanol doesn't work

Read here.

Those are some pretty high-falutin schools saying ethanol is not an adequate replacement for oil because of the amount of oil needed to produce ethanol. The article doesn't say whether the study takes into account ethanol run trucks and tractors to transport and cultivate the ethanol, or sticks with gasoline powered trucks and tractors. If the study relies on the latter, then it comes as no surprise that they reached this result. Regardless, it adds more "fuel" to the fire, if I may use more tired cliches.

It doesn't matter whether the trucks and tractors run on gasoline or ethanol--the point has to do with whether or not it takes more energy to produce a gallaon of ethanol than is actually IN that gallon of ethanol. That is what the studies are claiming--that if you add up all the energy used in the farm machinery, fertilizer, processing, etc. the net result is negative.
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