Monday, August 08, 2005

The Diesel SUV is Here

The Jeep Liberty Diesel is selling at a rate more than double than expected. DaimlerChrysler is accomplishing this without selling one of these in five states including New York and California because of emissions restrictions. Can you imagine how many diesel Libertys would be sold if they could sell in all parts of America AND if they actually made a rebodied Liberty as a marketing gimmick like the Prius is to hybrids? The diesel SUV would be cheaper than the Escape Hybrid, have more towing capacity and offroad ability, would last longer than any hybrid, need less repairs, AND STILL get the same gas mileage. I would expect sales so large that they would affect the bottom line at that point. The Japanese marques are very vulnerable right now, having not made an effort to get diesels to America. It's the same mistake they made in Europe and it cost them market share for years. They're beginning to make a comeback over here, but for a long time the lack of diesels really held back the Japanese and many of their European exploits were unprofitable. I'm beginning to think that if Daimler can offer diesels across the board before any competitors and have those diesels on sale in EVERY state including California and New York, we are going to see DCX really be on top for awhile. Right now they are riding high on sales of the 300c and Hemis, tomorrow I think it will be diesel SUVs and cars.

no, what would be really greate are diesel hybrids!

sometimes I think the automanufacturers are morons. then I realize I'm right.
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