Saturday, August 13, 2005

Don't Give Up on Electric Cars Yet

That's the opinion of some scientists anyway according to this Autoweek article. I've said this before, but I think electric cars have a real future in Europe, where commuting distances tend to be shorter, as well as trips for errands. The small size of cars here and the lighter loads they carry are perfect for current battery technology. I don't think electric cars are as good of an idea for the States. I think the US is going to undergo a dramatic transformation due to high oil prices in the next couple of decades. We will see a great deal of population movement to cities, and much more density in city areas. It's sort of the beginning of the US auto market looking more like the European auto market. Once diesel cars take more of a hold, and distances become shorter for people in America, then we could finally see electric cars coming up. But I think the first automaker that makes a reliable commuter for Europe that is electric will make a great deal of money. In fact there already is one for the UK: The G-Wiz. I've seen a couple in London already. They are incredibly small, smaller than even a Smart car. The first company that can turn a VW Polo size car into a functioning electric commuter will do quite well.

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