Sunday, August 28, 2005

Under the Weather

I have a little bit of a head cold and will not be posting anything for the next couple of days. I'm trying to rest so that I will hopefully be healthy enough to attend Carneval over here, a rip-off of the Brazilian version, but growing steadily in popularity. It is a three day weekend right now, and tomorrow is supposed to be the "adult" day of carnival. Nipples ahoy!

Many of the Europeans I live with tell me that one of the benefits of being a citizen over here is the ability to get really cheap flights inter-Europe. Prices as low as 50 pounds to Barcelona from London. No joke. I've heard some for even 10 pounds if you go on off hours. I wonder what the effects of high oil prices will be on that.

And on a side note, if you are a twenty something single male American I highly recommend living in London, at least for a few months. There really are not many Americans my age in this city at all, so when I go out clubbing, or pub hopping, I am sort of an intriguing character. It's not uncommon for Brits to come up to me while I am on a bus or tube and strike up conversations with me, after they overhear my accent. Unfortunately for them, Kiwis and Aussies do not get these benefits, probably because there are a lot more of them around, and the uniqueness isn't there. So long as you keep your love of Bush a deep dark secret, Europeans will gravitate towards you to some extent. After all, we have given them a tremendous amount of their media, be it music, film, or television.

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