Monday, September 12, 2005

Where are the Girls?

One thing I've noticed as a somewhat large difference between American and European autoshows, is the fact that European autoshows have the cars introduced by women in skirts and high heels, while American car shows either have the women dressed in pants, or no women at all and the car is introduced by pyrotechnics or a robot.

Quite frankly I think Americans should adopt the European strategy.

An autoshow is a male event. Yes there are women there, but most of the women were dragged to the event by their male counterparts. I've attended an autoshow with a woman before, and the show was definitely an outing for me. Not her.

That's not to say autoshows don't hold some excitement for women. There are vehicles that women are attracted to, and ones they would probably like to sit in and look at. But there is something in the male psyche, perhaps his DNA, that draws a man to an autoshow. Perhaps we are more visual creatures then women, or more tactile, I don't know. Regardless, the shows' primary audience is not female. And so the goal of the show should be to attract that demographic.

What about children? Won't they be offended? From the pictures I've seen of European autoshows, the women introducers could hardly be described as scantily clad. American corporations are most likely second guessing the morality of their market, and hoping that they don't offend anyone. Over in Europe, the thought doesn't even begin to cross the mind of European executives. Sex sells.

Obviously there is a fine line to walk when dealing with the American consumer as Janet Jackson can surely attest to. But there is also the end goal of generating profits, and a little pizazz to add to your product never hurt anyone.

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