Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another Possible Car

I'm developing a hankering for the Peugeot 306, though a part of me says no. The Peugeot is available very cheaply here, and there are quite a few of them. It also fulfills my crazy requirement that the car I drive not be available in America.

However the car seems very plebian. The interior is high quality, but it feels a little too middle class European socialist, devoid of character, and made with midlevel office functionaries in mind as they tootle along the crowded and small highways of Europe identically at the same speed. It looks dehumanising.

Ok maybe not. If I can just find a deal on Chevrolet Lumina coupe v6 model.

The 306 isn't widely regarded as a successful or good car. Its smaller cousin, the 207, was popular, but the 306 was a dud. The new 307 seems to be a big improvement though.

What about a Citroen C4? Really interesting car, and not as plagued with problems as previous Citroen/Peugeot cars. Or an Alfa, or a Euro Civic.
Sorry I mean the 307. Citroen is not available in Dubai unfortunately. Alfas are but they are expensive and I am concerned about their reliability. The European Civic is not sold in Dubai, only the American version is.
I would advise against purchasing the Peugeot. Everyone I know who's ever owned one in this country has griped that their cars have spent more time in the shop than on the roads.

Just my two cents. Oh, and welcome to Dubai.
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