Tuesday, June 20, 2006

1.6 litre or 2.0

I have all but given up purchasing a used car. Now my goal is to buy an Opel Astra, perhaps one of the few quality small cars GM produces. This car intrigues because of the fact that it is not sold in the US (but will be soon as a Saturn), and because it is generally considered a high quality German engineered machine. Even though it is produced under the enormous American umbrella that is General Motors, the Opel subsidiary, at least to my knowledge, seems to be a somewhat independent entity.

But I must wait. I have only been working at my company for two months, and another month must pass before I am officially off "probation" and get all the goodies and bonuses that are given when you work for an international conglomerate. GM vehicles at a discount is one of these goodies.

So I am left with the Astra. The Corsa is too dated and too small, the Vectra too big, the Chevrolets too cheap or ugly, the GMCs and other trucks too expensive and vulgar. Astra once again.

The Astra, for those who don't know, is the size of a Golf. It is considered a family car in Europe, and the car of an elf or a western expat in the Middle East. I am an expat.

What is remarkable about the Astra, is that even though it is an extremely popular car in Europe, especially in the UK and Germany, I have to date only seen one in Dubai. Of any model year. In fact I haven't seen many Opels altogether.

Why? The answer probably lies in the fact that the Opel dealership is in Sharjah, the neighboring Emirate (but really almost a continuation of Dubai). Now this worries me. If the car dealership is in Sharjah, will I be charged extra for having the car registered in Dubai, where I live? Hopefully not.

My other big dilemma is the engine size. Is a 1.6 capable of cooling my body and maintaining highway worthy speeds in Dubai? The 2.0 would probably succeed, but insurance is higher, as well as price.

Does anyone know? What should I do? I'd rather have the 1.6, but I'm worried it won't be enough. And the 2.0, while expensive now, would probably be a vehicle I could be happy with for a few years to come as my career progresses and my income grows too. When I'm a big CEO and we have the monthly engine size comparison contest, a 2.0 won't merit as much of a ribbing. I'm taking a five year loan out, so this is important!

I realise you've already stated that you're not particularly fond of the Chevrolets available (the GM DAT vehicles) in your region, however I must suggest that the 1.8litre Lacetti (or it is the Optra 5 in Dubai) is a splendid vehicle.
I recently sold my VW Bora Sport 1.8T (180ps) for a 2005 Lacetti/Optra 5, and while I'm down roughly 50ps in power, I'm quite happy with the overall package, especially the lighter weight of the vehicle vs. what I was used to. I'm also a tad over 1.91m and fit wonderfully in all seats sans the middle back row.
Technically you'd be getting the drivetrain from an Astra... just the pre-world car Astra.. More of the Opel Kadette MkII/F, though given the durability of such drivetrains, and availability of parts, not to mention the nice Italian designed body (which pretty much all Daewoo's had since the mid eighties), you might find it a bargain.
It is is the Optra in this part of the world.

I chose the Opel Astra over the Optra.

I didn't do the research, and didn't know that the Optra shared so many parts with the Astra, and I find that bit of information interesting.

But I am a little bit of a badge snob, and as you may have read in other entries on my blog, I wanted to buy a GM vehicle because I got a percentage off since I work for a supplier of theirs.

I felt that the Opel was better looking, and again I am a snob. Reviews I had read about the Optra stated that it was competent but bland. I thought the vehicle was completely South Korean, and because of that not as safe or reliable as an Opel. But obviously I'm wrong, so I probably should have test driven it.

But at the end of the day, for many people, including myself, I want to drive a vehicle I find aesthetically pleasing, and I did not find the Optra pleasing and I found the Astra quite striking. But I think your analysis is eye opening.
Opels have never been terribly popular in Dubai. The first ones that came here were competent in Europe but unsuited to the harsh conditions. The large cars such as the Omega struggled with pricing, placed against upmarket brands like VW and BMW when they should have been fired at the Cressida. Small cars like the Astra were slaughtered by the Corolla. And the distributor completely failed to back them with any kind of marketing.

Think of it like this. Most car buying in the UAE *used* to be done on opinion and visibilty. I.e, if your brother had one, you'd buy the same. Similarly, if you didn't see that many on the roads, they can't have been good, because no one was buying them - boneheaded though this assertion is.

Most people still associate the Chevy brand, for instance, with the Caprice Classic, which had an ironclad image - particularly among Arabs - , and remained very popular even after they ceased importing it. So the booming trade Chevy has with their small cars now, is one part price and other parts folks encouraging their kids to buy one on the strength of the Caprice.

If you buy the Astra, caveat emptor: depreciation will be utterly savage and buyers will be thin on the ground. On the plus side, it's the same as the Vauxhall Astra, which is by all accounts a good little car. Word of advice, go for the 2.0. When the summer gets toasty, you'll need every hp to keep the A/C going.

I think what you are saying is largely correct. Your insight into why these cars do not do well is also interesting, and probably correct as well.

I think I will be hurt in reselling this car, but I have no plans to do so in the near future, and will probably keep the car for four-five years, before moving on.

I bought the 1.8 liter, which is the biggest engine available in the Middle East unless I special order. The a/c is good but if it gets above 45 degrees, then it is only adequate.

Thanks for writing me.

my friend has opel omega 1998 ,am going to buy it from him but am scared about opel here in uae,i mean maintenance,spare parts cost much ,i would like to get your opinion about opel omega
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