Sunday, September 03, 2006

My car has been repaired

For about a couple weeks now, I have been back driving. Total cost to repair the damage: 350 dirhams (95 dollars). My insurance company will cover any damage up to 5000 dirhams worth (1359 dollars) for each claim, and all I have to pay is the 350 dirham cover. That's dramatically cheaper than anywhere in the developed world.

What's the catch? For a door ding like the one I had, it took 12 days to repair, and 2-3 days for the body shop to haggle with the insurance company. In America, the repair would probably take 4 days max. The insurance company had to send someone over to the shop to make the final judgment, and that takes time. But to go on for 12 days after that is a bit too long. Also, because my insurance costs were reduced because I had a no claims form, I wasn't given a rental car. That meant using cabs again. I hate cabs.

The job they did though was quite professional, and the car looks brand new. For a developing country the services here are quite good, but occasionally they are a little slow. A typical blowhard Western expat complaint, I will try to hold back next time.

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